KingRoot Software License Agreement


Welcome to use KingRoot software and service

Tofacilitate the use of KingRoot software (“this software”) andservice, please carefully read and fully understand KingRoot Software License Agreement (“this Agreement”), especiallythe terms on disclaimer or responsibility restriction, and single agreement onactivating or using certain service, and decide to accept or not. The terms ondisclaimer or responsibility restriction may be prepared in boldface so as toremind you.

You shall have no right to download, install or usethis software and relevant service unless you have read and accepted all theterms of this Agreement. The duplication, download, installation, visit or useof this software in other ways indicates that you have fully accepted thisAgreement and agree to be restrained by the terms of this Agreement. If you donot agree with the terms of this Agreement, please not install or use thissoftware.

Special attention: Acceptance of this Agreement and use of this softwareindicate that you have agreed to undertake the risks and damages that may becaused by use of this software (including but not limited to theloss of maintenance service provided by the original manufacturer of yourmobile), and not to investigate the software developers forresponsibilities.  

If youare under 18 years old, please read this Agreement and the aforesaid termsunder the custody of legal guardian and pay special attention to terms on useof juveniles.


1.   Use Scope of this Agreement

This Agreement is the one signed between you andKingRoot team on downloading, installing, using, duplicating this software andenjoying the relevant services provided by KingRoot team.


2.  About the Service

2.1 Service Content

This service is a kind of software licence and service(“this service”) provided by KingRoot team to you and installed intothe devices, which include but not limited to mobile terminals, for the purposeof obtainment of mobile Root authority, authorized management of software Root,Root safety check, uninstalling of pre-installed software and personalsoftware, and automatic activation of forbidden software, and purifying mobilesystem.

2.2 Scope of This Service Licence

KingRoot team grants you the software use permission,which is personal, non-transferable and exclusive. You are allowed to install,use, display or run this software on single terminal device for non-businesspurpose.

You may create a readable duplicate of this softwarein order to use this software and service, and the duplicate copy shall only beused as backup. The backup duplicate shall include all the copyrightinformation contained in the original one.

All the other rights not expressly authorized by thisterm and other terms of this Agreement shall be reserved by KingRoot team, andthe use of these rights shall be approved with written permission of KingRootteam. KingRoot team’s failure to exercise the aforesaid rights does not meanits waiver of them.


3.  Obtainment of Software

3.1 You may download this software from its website orask it from a third party.

3.2 Ifyou do not obtain this software or the installation program, the name of whichis the same as that of this software, from the third party authorized byKingRoot team, KingRoot team does not guarantee that this software may be usednormally and assumes no responsibility for the damages caused.


4.  Software Installation and Upgrading

4.1 As KingRoot team may have developed different software versions fordifferent mobile terminal devices, you’re supposed to download appropriatesoftware based on your actual conditions and you’re not allowed to install thissoftware into other terminal devices not expressly approved by KingRoot team.KingRoot team does not undertake any responsibility for the risks and damagesarising from your failure to install appropriate software version.

4.2 After successfullydownloading the installation program, you shall install it according to thesteps suggested by this program.

4.2 In order to provide safer andsuperior service, this software may, after obtaining the Root authority,recommend some other software compatible with your system operating status, butthe installation of the software recommended is up to you.

5.1 In order to improve userexperience and extend service scope, KingRoot will keep developing new servicesand upgrading your software irregularly (The upgrading may be executed in theform of software replacement, modification, function enhancement and versionupgrading, etc.).

5.2 In order to improve userexperience and guarantee safe service and consistent functions, KingRoot teamshall have the right to upgrade the software, or change or restrain somesoftware functions without special notification to you.

5.3 The old software version maynot be used after the new one has been released. As KingRoot team does notguarantee the usability of the old software version and customer servicerelated to the old software version, you’re suggested to check timely anddownload the latest software version.


5.        Software Uninstalling

5.1 In order to guarantee the Root stability after its obtainment, thissoftware will be upgraded into system software, which does not affect therunning of its carrier. If you do not need to use this software or youneed to install new software version, you may uninstall it through theuninstalling function of this software. If you are willing to help KingRootteam improve its product and service, please tell the reasons of uninstalling.

5.2 The uninstalling function ofthis software may become void because of system restriction or change ofauthority under some special conditions. You may report the problem to KingRootteam. We will spare no efforts to restore the uninstalling function and replyto you after the restoration.


6. Privacyand Safety Protection

6.1 In order to improve produce experience and consistently provide thebest service for mobile users, this software may, without infringement of yourprivacy, collect and use the device-related information and other relevantinformation in the following ways:

(1) In order to find the Root obtainment method appropriate to yourmobile, this software may obtain your mobile model number, processing modelnumber, Android version number, inner core version number and hardware devicelabel (IMEI number), and request to the software server for corresponding Rootobtainment method.

(2) In order to analyze and resolve the Root obtainment failure, thissoftware will obtain the error number matching the Root failure.

6.2 Report of program error log: An error log mayproduce automatically in case of accidental mistake or crash of program. This software may report error log based on needs, so as toconfirm the reasons of program error or crash and improve product quality.Error log is the operating information recorded in case of mistake or crash ofthis software, and it only includes the error information of this program anddoes not relate to your personal data.

6.3 The utilization of Rootauthority by malicious software or virus, which is the supreme authority ofsystem, may cause great dangers to system safety. In case of finding theprogram documents with suspected program actions or features, this software mayupload a software sample, which will be used to analyze its safety. The sampleuploaded will only be used to analyze the virus and malicious documents.KingRoot team will not use this software sample for any purposes other thanrealizing the necessary functions of this software, and will not transfer thisinformation to any third party or authorize any third party to use it.

6.4 This software will hold the aforesaid personalinformation of you in strict confidence, so as to avoid unauthorized visit, useor disclosure.


7.  Tips of Software UseRisks

7.1 After obtainment of Root, this software will enableAndroid system’s supreme authority (Root authority), through which all thesubjects of the system may be operated, and normal software may also be used torealize more functions. As malicious software alsoneeds to use the Root authority when invading the system, you’re supposed todeliberate over Root obtainment before authorizing Root authority to unknownsoftware. No legal responsibilities shall be bound to this software in thisaspect.

7.2 Afterobtainment of Root authority, you may modify, delete, transfer or duplicate thesystem documents of mobile, which may cause operating abnormalities to mobilesystem or other application programs. No legalresponsibilities shall be bound to this software in this aspect.

7.3 You shallundertake the risks of obtainment of Root authority. This software does notguarantee in any form that obtainment of Root authority may cater to yourrequirement of operating authority, compatible authorization of otherapplications, and consistent maintenance service.

7.4 Even thoughthis software has been thoroughly tested, it does not mean that it is fullycompatible with all software and hardware systems and that there isn’t anymistakes of this software. In case of incompatibility and software mistakes,you may leave your contact methods on the official website for technologicalsupport. You may stop using this function if the incompatibility cannot beresolved. No legal responsibilities shall be bound to this software in case offailure to obtain Root authority due to network problems, mistaken operation,or compatibility feature of rom of a third party.  

7.5 While you areusing this software, the software may, through system of a third party, supportthe use or visit. The use or visit results will be provided by the third party.KingRoot team does not guarantee the safety, accuracy, effectiveness and otheruncertain risks of the services and contents provided by the system of a thirdparty or the results realized under support of the system of a third party. KingRootteam shall not bear any responsibilities for any dispute and damages arisingtherefrom.


8.        Software Use Regulations

You are not allowed to do the following things unless permitted by lawor written permission of KingRoot team.

8.1 Delete the copyright-relatedinformation of this software or its duplicates.

8.3 Carry out any reverseengineering, reverse assembly, reverse compiling, or try to find the sourcecode of this software in other ways.

8.3 Use, rent, lend, copy,modify, link, reprint, compile, release, publish or establish mirror site forthe contents, of which the intellectual property right is enjoyed by theKingRoot team.

8.4 Duplicate, modify, add,delete or realize bridging operation or create any derivatives for the data ofthis software or that released into any terminal internal memory duringoperation of this software; or the interaction data between customer end andserver end during operation of this software; and the system data necessary foroperation of this software. The forms shall include but not limited to usingplug-in components, add-on or tools/services of a third party not authorized byKingRoot team to log in this software and relevant system.

8.5 Add, delete or change thesoftware functions or operation effects through modifying or forging theinstructions and data during software operation, or operate with the softwareand methods used for the aforesaid purpose or make them public, regardless ofthe fact that whether these actions are taken for business purpose or not.

8.6 Log in or use the softwareand services of KingRoot team through using the software, plug-in components,add-on or system of a third party not developed or authorized by KingRoot team,or make, release or spread the aforesaid tools;

8.7 Interfere in this software orits components, modules and data in person or authorize other person or a thirdparty to do so.

8.8 Other actions not expresslyauthorized by the KingRoot team;

8.9 Other actions in breach oflaws, regulations and policies.


9.   Statementof Intellectual Property Right

9.1 KingRoot team is the person that enjoys theintellectual property right of this software. All the copyrights, trademarkrights, patent rights and business secretes of this software, and all theinformation (including but not limited to words, pictures, audio files, videofiles, interface design, layout frame, relevant data or electronic documents)relating to this software are protected by laws and regulations of the People’sRepublic of China and corresponding international treaties. KingRoot team shallenjoy the intellectual property right of the aforesaid contents, excluding therights enjoyed by relevant patent holders according to law.

9.2 You are not allowed to permit any third party to exercise, utilizeor transfer the aforesaid intellectual property right for any business purposeor non-business purpose without the written consent of the KingRoot team orrelevant patent holders.


10.  Others

10.1 Downloading,installing or using this software indicates that you have read and agree to bebound by this Agreement. KingRoot team shall have the right to modify terms ofthis Agreement when necessary. You may refer to relevant terms given in thelatest software version. The use of this software after modification of termsof this Agreement suggests that you have accepted the agreement modified. Ifyou do not agree the agreement modified, you shall stop using this software.

10.2 This Agreement is signed inNanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, the People’s Republic of China.

10.3 Conclusion,taking effect, fulfilment, interpretation and disputes resolving of thisAgreement is applicable to the laws (excluding Conflict Law) in Mainland Chinaof the People’s Republic of China.

10.4 Any disputebetween you and the KingRoot team shall preferably be settled through friendlynegotiation; or, if negotiation fails, be referred to the people’s court withjurisdiction in the place where this Agreement is signed.

10.5 The titles of all the terms of this Agreement are added tofacilitate reading only and of no practical significance, and shall not serveas the basis of interpretation of meaning of this Agreement.

10.6 If any of the terms of this Agreement becomes void or cannot beenforced for any reason, the remainder shall nonetheless continue to apply andbe binding on both parties.

Source- KingRoot Team


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